ENVE + i9 Hydra Hub

Who doesn’t love a cute couple on Valentine’s Day? Just like the new kid at school, the Hydra Hub from i9 has been getting a lot of attention since its release this past Tuesday. Today, ENVE announced a partnership with Industry Nine to create an American made hub pairing that will lower the MSRP of ENVE’s M Series mountain bike wheels to $2550 (previously $2980).


As a result of this partnership, the Industry Nine Hydra hub will become ENVE’s base M Series offering with a new MSRP of $2550 (Chris King hubs will still be available). ENVE’s ability to lower the MSRP while delivering more performance (690 points of engagement!!) is a result of Industry Nine’s appreciation for ENVE rim technologies and a willingness to partner with a fellow US manufacturer. ENVE will also benefit by eliminating costs associated with importing hubs which have long lead times, and import duties. Wheelset will be shipping as early as this week. For more on the wheels visit ENVE.