Santa Cruz Megatower

New to the Santa Cruz line-up is the Megatower. A bike built seemingly for an all-out assault on the most unruly terrain you’re willing to subject yourself to. Where the Hightower LT was once the king of the Santa Cruz big bad bike squad the Megatower looks to take it a step further with 29-inch wheels, a full 160mm of travel front and rear and tunable geometry by way of a flip chip.

Built around Santa Cruz’s VPP suspension design, the Megatower has a leverage curve to accommodate both coil and air shocks. Taking into account the abusive riding these machines will likely see there is a lot of built-in protection on the down tube, chainstay, a shock fender and a shuttle guard for those days you’re tossing it in the back of a buddies pick-up.

Available in a variety of build specs, and starting as a frameset for $3299. If you are the type of rider who likes to turn every trail into a World Cup run the Megatower might be the bike for you. To see all the specs and pricing head over to Santa Cruz.