Two Fish Unlimited Quick Adapters

Twofish Unlimited Quick Adapters – $15 – $35
By Scott Williams

During my testing period of the Santa Cruz Chameleon, I signed up for the Hilly Billy Roubaix just outside of Morgantown, West Virginia. Calling this event a gravel race would be a bit of a reach, even though there is no singletrack you’re just as likely to see suspension mountain bikes as you are gravel bikes. Both options are equally likely to get riders to the podium. The event is roughly 75 miles and 7,500 feet of elevation gain through some true backcountry West Virginia “roads.” 

Getting the bike setup for the race, I didn’t want to run a hydration bladder, but the Chameleon only has a single set of cage mounts inside the triangle. I also was not running a giardia bottle for this event due to the various mud bogs. Thankfully, Robert at Twofish Unlimited sent over a few of his Quick Cage Adapters, and I was able to get two cages installed inside the triangle within minutes. The mounts are secured easily with trusty velcro straps and a single wrap of electrical tape to keep any excess strap from flapping. I don’t think the electrical tape was needed, but I wanted to make sure the velcro strap stayed put during the day.

During the 6.5-hour day, I experienced chunky gravel descents, rutted out quad trails, steep climbs, and lots of mud. The Twofish Unlimited Quick Cage Adapters were problem-free and quickly become an absent thought. Even after running the pressure washer over the bike, the mounts maintained their steady hold.

If you’re looking to mount a few additional bottle cages or mount up an Anything cage, pick up a set of Twofish Unlimited Quick Adapters. Twofish sells three-pack mount versions, which is what I was using for $35 each and standard two-bolt cage mount for $15 each.