Bontrager releases new WaveCel helmet technology

Have you had a concussion? Do you wish you hadn’t? Well, Bontrager hasn’t invented a time machine (yet) to go back and right the terrible wrongs we’ve committed to our brains, but they have apparently come up with a potential solution to acquiring more brain injuries. The new WaveCel technology, released today, seems so simple […]

Review: Rapha winter kit

In these deep winter months of cold, damp darkness, my typically preferred riding garb of whatever-I’m-already-wearing just doesn’t cut it. I wanted something that would be insulated without feeling like I was wearing three pairs of pants, and easily wicked off rain and mud without feeling like a plastic bag. Rapha is known primarily in […]

Cnoc Outdoors Vecto 2L Water Container

If you spend any time in the outdoors, you’ll eventually need to address how to keep yourself hydrated. The first obvious option is to carry water with you, but that source will quickly run out as the length of your activity increases. Conveniently there are several options for carrying and replenishing that water supply while […]

Otter Box Trooper LT 30

OtterBox Trooper LT 30 $299 By Eric McKeegan The premium-priced cooler market is not one I saw coming. But here is it. The big plastic Yetis and their competitors are now familiar sights at trailheads and campgrounds everywhere. Those expensive coolers are the only reason why I can review this backpack cooler with a straight […]

Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 90

2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 90 Tester: Zach White Age: 43 Weight: 205 lbs Height: 6’ 3” Inseam: 32” Price: $7,399 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL(tested) Online: Reach: 19.1” Stack: 24.5” Top Tube: 25.8” Head Tube: 65.0° Seat Tube: 74.1° BB Height: 13.2” Chainstays: 16.7” Weight: 27.9 lbs.w/o pedals, specs based on size […]

Review: Ruff Wear

Ruff Wear By Stephen Haynes The outdoor industry is littered with success stories of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who, through grit, determination and an unmet need, have made their dreams a reality through hard work and great products. One such story is that of the active dog equipment company, Ruff Wear, whose founder began tinkering with his […]

Review: Quoc Gran Tourer bike shoes

by Carolyne Whelan In all my thousands and thousands of miles of bike touring and bikepacking, I’ve always just used my mountain bike shoes. I already owned them, for one; plus, they were comfortable enough to walk around for a while yet sturdy enough to ride in for hours at a time without fatigue. This, […]

FSA Flowtron Dropper Seatpost

FSA Flowtron Dropper Seatpost – $250 By Scott Williams Introduction In late 2016, Full Speed Ahead (FSA) announced that it would discontinue its Gravity dropper post series to avoid confusion with the brand, GravityDropper.The Flowtron takes its place with a completely redesigned the remote, improved durability and a couple hundred less grams. The Flowtron has […]

Dakine Hot Laps Bag

Dakine Hot Laps 5L – $70 By Eric McKeegan Water bladders in hip packs have never been a combo that I could get along with, at least until this guy came into my life at a recent press camp.  Designed to carry a 2-liter bladder and enough supplies for a lengthy ride, the Hot Laps […]

Down By The River: A Guide To Reality Based Vanlife

By Brendon Voelker It’s a quarter ‘til sunrise in the Blue Ridge Mountains. You step out of bed as the day begins to break and the rays of light cascade through the windows. You flip on the hot water kettle, grind up some coffee, and prep the pour over just like that hipster at the […]

Xpedo GFX Pedals

Xpedo GFX Pedals – $170 – $200 By Stephen Haynes The southern California pedal pusher, Xpedo makes pedals for every type of riding from cross to downhill, in a dizzying array of colors to keep the most discerning tastes appeased. The all-mountain, downhill, enduro loving GFX is a clipless structure, surrounded by a full-bodied aluminum […]


Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT – $250 By Scott Williams Claimed to be the first, fully aerodynamic GPS bike computer, the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT is packed with features that will please data junkies and weekend warriors alike. While I find the aerodynamic computer and mount integration impressive, the simple user interface is what makes the Wahoo […]

Sram GX Eagle: Long-Term Review

SRAM GX Eagle – Long-Term Review By Eric McKeegan SRAM’s first 12-speed drivetrains, XX1 Eagle and X01 Eagle and their 10-50 cassettes, brought the gearing range of multi-chainring drivetrains to the single-ring universe. Everyone who rode them had little negative to say, if anything at all. But, unless you get the parts for free, there […]

Revelate Designs Polecat and Terrapin 14L

Revelate Designs has been busy this winter revamping their line up and adding some new pieces to their already impressive offerings of bikepacking gear. The latest from Revelate is the fork mounted Polecat and the redesign of their popular Terrapin System 14L seat pack. “Cargo cages have been around for a while now and I didn’t want […]

Light Bicycle AM928 Wheelset

Light Bicycle AM928 Wheelset – $1,269 By Scott Williams Back in 2010, the carbon wheelset market was just starting to gain momentum, and low-cost, unbranded carbon fiber rims started emerging online. One of those companies was Xiamen Light Bicycle, a global manufacturing company that started with carbon rims shipped directly from the facility in […]

Review: Kuat Highline 3-bike car rack

There are so many options for bike racks these days, each with obvious pros and cons. A hitch rack is so easy but I’ve also bottomed them out and been rear-ended. Roof racks gets the bikes away from all the road gunk, but reduce MPG and take up real estate that could be utilitized for […]

Blast From The Past: In Tribute to Super Dave Osborne

I’d been dreaming about creating a badass sound system for a mountain bike ever since I learned about the scraper bikes that prowl the streets of Oakland, California, adorned with custom, high-wattage stereos. Setting my sights for an annual, underground mountain bike event, I dove into my dank basement workshop, armed with a pile of […]

Review: Specialized Enduro Coil 29

Editor’s note: This review originally appeared in issue 207 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Subscribe now at to catch issue 209, coming real soon.  Tester: A.J. Collins Age: 40 Height: 5’10” Weight: 165 lbs. Inseam: 31” Price: $5,800 Sizes: S, M, L (tested), XL Online: Reach: 18.2” Stack: 24.4” Top […]

Trina Recommends: Park Tool multi-tool

Editor’s note: As the holiday season rolls around, everyone is inundated with ads and marketing campaigns for every product imaginable, in companies’ hopes to capitalize on…well, capitalism, I guess. It can be hard to weed out what a publication is putting out there as an ad or as a genuine recommendation, so we at Dirt […]

Scott Recommends: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS

Editor’s note: As the holiday season rolls around, everyone is inundated with ads and marketing campaigns for every product imaginable, in companies’ hopes to capitalize on…well, capitalism, I guess. It can be hard to weed out what a publication is putting out there as an ad or as a genuine recommendation, so we at Dirt […]

Get through the winter with Wahoo

There’s something admittedly dystopian about riding a trainer in the winter. Even if the weather is crappy, outside air feels better than a stuffy basement. Still, after enough times slamming your body down on ice or catching bronchitis from wet clothes and cold weather, it may be time to think about your life and the […]

Commerce time! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Round up Deals

Editor’s note: While today is traditionally both a day of giving thanks and a day of mourning, it has also become synonymous with savings as the more commercial holidays roll ever closer (I’m looking at you, St. Lucia Day). With that, we’ve reached out to a few (OK, a lot) of our partners, favorite brands, […]

Is it the bike? Is it the rider? Or is it the tire?

I’m not a huge race nerd. I’ll just put that out there immediately. It’s cool and all, and going fast is really fun, but I’d much rather be out riding myself than sitting home watching others have all the fun, and I just can’t bring myself to do the things—  train, practice, analyze my wattage, […]

Review: Diamond Brand Gear Belay Bag

While innovation comes from around the world, it’s always great to see products made in the USA. The Belay Bag from Diamond Brand Gear, made in the Carolina Mountains and located in North Carolina, haven’t quite reinvented the backpack but it’s about as close as I’ve seen to a complete design rehaul. The tops of […]

Kona Wozo: Cold Smoke

Ahh, November. Depending on where you live, you may still have hard-packed— dare I say “dusty”— trails, or you may already be frolicking in a winter wonderland. Here in the mid-Atlantic, we are sludging through the awkward adolescent season of late autumn, where the trails are slick with wet leaves, roots, and rocks, and for […]

Philly Bike Expo 2018

OK, so now that I’ve gotten the Pittsburgh tragedy out in the open, let’s move on to the PHILLY BIKE EXPO! Maurice (Dirt Rag’s publisher and mastermind) and I drove into Philly with a few bikes in tow, plus some old copies of Dirt Rag to hand out, socks, pint glasses, hats, t-shirts, frame bags […]

Road Runner Bags Large Point ‘N’ Shooter

If you are anything like me then you have likely tried every configuration for toting your camera along with you on rides. Slings, backpacks, handlebar bags, jersey pockets, I have tried them all. When Road Runner Bags approached us about trying out some of their offerings I jumped at the chance to throw the large […]

Review: Santa Cruz 5010 X01

Editor’s note: This review originally appeared in issue 206 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Subscribe now at to catch issue 208, coming real soon.  Name: Eric McKeegan Age: 44 Weight: 165 lbs. Height: 5’ 11” Inseam: 32” Price: $6,799, $7,999 with carbon wheels Sizes: XS, S, M, L, (tested) XL Online: […]

Ruffwear new and updated 2018 dog winter apparel and gear

Our dogs are more than our best friend— they are our riding and adventure partners throughout the seasons, including winter. Ruffwear has been designing adventure dog apparel and dog gear since 1994. Check out some of Ruffwear’s new and updated gear and apparel for the upcoming winter season. The Vert Jacket is a new product […]

Hydro Flask: A look inside the insulated bottle company office and brand

Walking into the Hydro Flask office there are a few boxes lying about and a large amount of empty space seen throughout the building. It’s not just the open office environment that is creating this open feeling in the office, it’s that Hydro Flask moved into this new office just two years ago and it’s […]