Local Loam: Jeff Kendall-Weed Rides Tucson, AZ

Jeff Kendall-Weed is back, and this time he heads to Tucson, AZ to check out the local scene and escape the snow of the Pacific North West. This is the first of a new series from Jeff under the ‘Local Loam’ title where he will be highlighting the work of local trail advocacy groups. We […]

Brendan Howey; ‘The Coast’ presented by Commencal Cycles

If you have flipped through issue 209 then you have likely seen our feature on the Sunshine Coast, B.C. In this latest video from Commencal Cycles, Brendan Howey shows off this summer paradise. Enjoy the video and to make sure you don’t miss future issues of Dirt Rag subscribe here!

Transition Bicycle Company: Another Day On Patrol

Transition Bicycle Company brings us a little Monday morning relief by way of ‘Another Day On Patrol’. A video for no other reason than to celebrate a day out on the trails with friends. So clock in or call off and enjoy.

Movie time! “Fat Pursuit: The Pursuit of Fattiness”

Some people like to envision tropical scenes when they feel cold in the winter. Here at Dirt Rag HQ, I’m trying something different, something a bit closer to schadenfreude: watching a video of someone train for, then compete in, a fat bike race. The training for the race takes place in New Jersey, and the […]

Outskirts 2: The Big Land

It’s the Friday after Christmas and also the one before New Year’s Eve. Perhaps you have the day off and are looking for a little time to kill or for a little inspiration for those two-wheeled adventures you have planned for the coming spring and summer. Well, our friends at Wahoo Fitness passed this one […]

Classic Riding in Durango with Jeff-Kendall Weed

Durango, CO is a town that is synonymous with mountain biking. The trails high in the Rockies have had some of the worlds greatest riders roll over them. Legend’s like John Tomac and Missy Giove have left their mark on the mountain and made Durango a hotbed for the sport. To pay tribute to the good […]

Ella shreds: new video from Transition featuring Ella Skalwald in Vermont

Need some mid-week motivation? Check out this sick video of Elite DH racer Ella Skalwald riding her local trail network. Lucky for her, those trails happen to be the iconic Victory Hill Sector of the Victory Hill State Forest,  that has become an East Coast destination spot. Check out more photos here, courtesy Transition Bikes.

GT Bicycles Presents Mallorca’s Treasures

The sun, the sea and Amir Kabbani sending it at full throttle. This fun little edit from GT Bicycles will have you ready to get out the door and on the bike. Enjoy!

Jeff Kendall-Weed Shredding With The Arkansas Riding Community

We are super stoked to share a new video from Jeff Kendall-Weed and Co. Join Jeff and the Arkansas riding community as they showcase the riding in their home state and learn why it is one of the fastest growing mountain bike destinations in the country.  Words by Jeff Kendall-Weed Photos by Denis Kremenetskiy I’ve […]

David Lieb and the GT Bicycles La Bomba

The weekend is upon us and whether you are heading out on the trails with your friends, dodging the rain at your local indoor bike park, or putting hot laps down on the race course, David Lieb brings some visual motivation. From his local track to the big booters at Whistler, Lieb puts the GT La […]

Getting Technical: Reece Wallace and K.C. Dean In Deer Valley, Utah

There are a few things better than a day with friends on amazing trails. Deer Valley Resort in Park City, UT has some of the finest bike park trails in the United States and Reece and K.C. revel in the flow and jumps in this latest edit. Sit back relax and get stoked to hit the trails with […]

Spoke Tales Season Finale With Martin Maes

If you have been paying attention to the world of downhill and enduro racing then you have no doubt heard the name, Martin Maes. In 6 years with GT, Martin Maes has gone from rookie to the potential to become one of the world’s best mountain bikers. 2018 was a wild ride for Maes full of 2nd places, […]

Mountain bike the Catalonian Pyrenees

As we enter into the soggy months of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s riding seasons, it’s time to daydream about where to spend the cold and rainy months. This video of the Catalonian Pyrenees is getting my blood pumping for some European terrain. Check it out for yourself! Where do your daydreams take you, what are your vacation dream […]

Red Bull’s “Trails of Fortitude”: Richie’s ‘Rude Awakening’

Standing at the base of Burke Mountain staring up the line of the Mid-Mountain Express lift, fog blows across the top bringing an early morning chill to the valley below. There is a silence only broken every so often by the chirp of morning birds off to a busy day. Living on the east coast, […]

Backyard and Beyond: Purple Lizard Maps

Welcome to the first installment of the Backyard and Beyond video series. For our first effort, we visit with Purple Lizard Maps. Purple Lizard Maps was created in the mid-1990’s by Michael Herman. Herman, a longtime mountain biker began compiling trail maps in an effort to improve on the trail user experience. Join us as we […]

RGMTB Talks Dirt Fest With Our Own Evan Gross

The Regular Guy Mountain Biking Podcast recently sat down with Dirt Rag Events Coordinator Evan Gross to discuss all the things Dirt Fest. If you are planning on coming to this year’s event this is a great listen to find out what Dirt Rag Dirt Fest is all about.   If you would like to […]

Video – Kilimanjaro: Mountain of Greatness

In the Fall of 2016, mountain bike legend and mountain bike hall of famer Hans “No Way” Rey teamed up with internet action sports phenom Danny Macaskill and professional mountain bike guide Gerhard Czerner to raise awareness for Rey’s non-profit Wheels 4 Life. Macaskill famous for viral mountain bike videos Wee Day Out and Imaginate […]

Video: Patagón by Montanus

Patagón is a new short film from Montanus that shares a bike and packraft adventure in a remote area of Southern Patagonia, where, between the Austral Andes and the huge glacial lakes, the traditional Argentine culture of the gauchos still survives. The endless and arid steppe, the wonderful and jagged peaks of the Andes, the […]

Video – MacAskill & Caluori: Mountain bike adventure in the “Home of Trails”

A Scottish and a Swiss mountain biker meet on a trail… What seems to be the beginning of a lame joke is actually the beginning of a magnificent encounter. You can see what actually happens when mountain bike pros Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori meet up in Graubünden, Switzerland, in the new video “Home of […]

Video: The Fun/Suffer Divide

Access to our remote backcountry trails aboard a mountain bike is becoming more and more challenging. Ride along on the Fun/Suffer Divide with Chris Shalbot, Scott Rinckenberger and Justin Olsen as the trio discovers a stretch of the Continental Divide Trail between Montana and Idaho in the hopes of shedding some light on this beautiful […]

Video: Trail Boss – 3 Fingers at Carter Road, Florida

Trail Boss is a video series produced by Jeff Lenosky and documents his attempts to ride some of the most technical trails he can find. A veteran rider with a 20-year professional career and three Observed Trials U.S. National Championships to his name, Lenosky uses his skills to ride the unrideable. Check out all the […]

Video – “Beyond Trails: Atacama”

“Beyond Trails: Atacama” follows the ambitious human powered adventure of Lorraine Blancher and Robin Munshaw as they embark on a multi-day bikepacking expedition through unmapped trails and canyons in the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile. The Atacama Desert, known to be the driest non-polar region on earth, is a barren and inhospitable place. As mountain bike explorers, the endless kilometers of natural […]

Bell Helmets presents GRIT: Rock Lobster Cycles

Few have been as dedicated and present as Paul Sadoff has been in the North American cyclocross scene. From a competitor to a frame builder and team sponsor, it’s hard to think about cyclocross and not assimilate it with the mint colored frames of the Rock Lobster team. This year, team rider Andrew Juliano has […]

Video: Salsa Cycles presents “Touching the Sun”

A short film from Salsa Cycles about exploring Minnesota’s backcountry by bike and two friends enjoying the peace and quiet of fishing deep within public lands. Reaching places of solitude and beauty that is not accessible by vehicles, the bicycle adds to the enjoyment of the adventure. Watch the film and rethink your next outdoor experience. Salsa Cycles […]

Video: Ride of the Dead

Ride of the Dead takes us into the world of the Mexican mountain bike culture during the famous annual celebration known as Dia De Los Muertos. This film follows Oaxacan-born-and-raised rider and trail builder Yefra Ram through some of Mexico’s best mountain bike trails as he honors the passing of loved ones and competes in […]

Video: Wade Simmons’ Pipedream

Wade Simmons has been in the freeride game since the beginning. He’s left his mark on our sport through an extensive catalogue of images and video segments, showcasing his creative ability to conquer any line with unmistakable style. Simply put, Wade’s career has been driven by his desire to do something different. While watching the […]

Video: Casey Brown, “This is Home”

Casey Brown finds her passion living in Revelstoke, British Columbia – where the drastic season changes from winter to summer keep her life grounded as a professional mountain biker who has an appetite for the snow. Casey loves the town for its community and proximity to the mountains. “The thing that’s kept me here is […]

Video: The Silver Lining

This is Gerry Creighton’s story of losing his wife Susan after a 19-year battle with late-stage breast cancer and how mountain bike friends stepped up to support him in his time of need. Gerry says, “In the weeks and months after Susan passed, I learned how special the mountain biking community really is. It’s the silver […]

Video: Not Far From Home – Destination North

There’s a common saying that life is like a wave and our existence is essentially surfing whatever kind of water comes our way. Metaphorically, there may not be a better way to justify the ebbs and flows of good and bad that everyone undoubtedly experiences. What sets certain people apart though, is their ability to […]

Video: While You Were Sleeping

Remember that feeling of freedom when you were a kid on your bike? Your little world expanded from your driveway to your street to your entire neighborhood. If you were curious enough to explore off-road you probably had adventures skidding through the fallen leaves, smashing through puddles, and jumping whatever was in your path. Follow […]